marți, 9 decembrie 2008

Do you know?

How many things do we use without knowing how they work? How many things to we like without knowing how they're made? Now how many things do we want without knowing how they get to us? How many cute things we might find harmless but hide unforgivable crimes? How many thing would we hate if only we changed point of view? I'll tell you. Many!

There are ways to live a happy life. Most used method is to think positive. Be optimistic. Look at the bright side. I sure love this method. It works, it helps you feel good about what you do. Helps you be kind and friendly to others (near you). But there's always a price to pay. As "The Godfather" said: "It's the price you pay for the life you choose." Lately and for most of people, the price to pay is being paid by others. I would like to believe that if I'm a good person and do good things for others then others will do good things for me. I would like to believe that if I buy something then the people who worked so that I could buy that thing are a little richer. Sometimes it's like that. Not most of the times.

We choose to buy diamonds, cars, clothes. Did we choose to encourage slavery, pollution, underpaid labor? Sure thing we did. We might not know about it or we might have eliminated all negative thoughts but we choose what we do. We live in a free world or a semi free world. The first and the second. But we don't care about others that are not us or not near us. This is who we are, and if you don't feel like part of those who make the life a little worse for others than probably you didn't get it.

It's not us nor our intentions that are evil, but the value we give to some things are not real. Why should a Picasso painting worth millions of dollars? Why should a dress cost thousands of dollars? We've lost the sense of giving the right value to things. And among us there are people who take the difference. A miner in a diamond mine in Africa is not paid in proportion to the price we pay for diamonds. A worker in a factory is not paid in proportion with the price of the car. We don't know what is right or wrong. We are raised in this fake, this illusion. We are smarter, we are richer, we live longer, it would seem that all works fine. It does but not for everyone.

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